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Is our foundation to serve your needs.

We are your “guys” not “those guys” and we work hard to maintain this image. Among the flowing seas of Cyber Security solution providers we set ourselves apart by our unique, laymen “Bit and Digit” approach. Embarking upon a mission to provide solutions instead of walls we strive to ensure our customers do not have the NEED to depend on us after a consultation. It is our goal to deliver a self sustainable Cyber Security Aware mindset into the organizational fabric of your institution. Your peace of mind is our goal, the sky isn’t falling but if it did you would be prepared.

Consulting Services

  • Select from either one of our Consulting Solutions to achieve a better sense of your Security Posture
  • Comprehensive Security Consulting- Allow us to evaluate your organizations security posture through our Lens of Exploitation approach. Offering you a laymen deliverable that we also work to remediate with you at your own pace.
  • Technical & Policy Cyber Security Consulting- We know each company has its own specific requirements to meet and objectives to make. Allow us to assist you in defining your “Current Operating Picture” by allowing us to conduct one of our industry tested Cyber Security Consulting reviews.

Secure Communications Solutions Center

  • In an era where Practice What You Preach is as prevalent as Un-Hackable Networks we strive to set the bar. Through our strategic partnership with Silent Circle -creator of the BlackPhone ®, we develop communication solutions unique to your specifications. Whether you are an adventurous journalist or represent a confidentiality conscience organization we are your one stop shop.
  • RF Cloaking Solutions
  • Counter Surveillance Assessments
  • Encrypted End to End Communication Solutions.
  • Best Practices and Training Solutions for your workforce or for YOU.

Cyber Conscience Suite

  • “Ignorance is bliss” but it can hurt when your ignorance impacts others Personal Information or Investments. We offer a unique blend of training solutions for all levels of the corporate spectrum.
  • Counter Phishing Training- Because more than 60% of cyber attacks are facilitated by the exploitation of an unsuspecting users Cyber Security Awareness we developed this solution with that statistic in mind. An informed workforce is a Cyber Ready organization.
  • Threat Model Creation Theory- By Creation Theory we simply imply that all institutions are different in nature. The threats that are present for an Insurance Firm typically aren’t the same for an News Agency. We custom tailor each of our training courses specific to your organization. By fully evaluating your companies core competencies, business practices and following an social assessment we develop training and train-the-trainer solutions that are to the point but fun to learn.
  • All of our training solutions are vetted for regulator compliance attestation for IT Security training requirements. These requirements are within the following HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI, FISMA.

Cyber Solutions "X"

  • You know because the news tells you that Cyber Security is important. It seems that your degree of separation from a Cyber Incident or Breach is decreasing by the weeks. If this is you and you are looking for help in defining what you may need, welcome to bits & digits. Core to our mission objective we are here for the laymen, keeping solutions and terms in the most manageable forms hence “Bits & Digits” we are the guys in the room that feel like the “guys in the room”.
  • From Site Security Reviews, Pre-Insurance Information Security Assessments to a full on “Red Team”(Full Frontal Assault Style Penetration Test, leveraging Social Engineering, Technical Security Assessments and Various other tactics to exercise your organizations readiness in the event of a Cyber Attack)- We are hear to support. You don’t know what you don’t know-We know what we do!

Lens of Exploitation Code Review "White Box"

  • Leveraging a bespoke approach to each of our clients needs our manual penetration testing teams consist of elite security practitioners with real-world experience finding exploitable vulnerabilities that can have the highest impact on your business. Leveraging both Static Application Security Testing or “White Box” testing methods to discover common and (uncommon) vulnerabilities by exploring your applications without impacting its operational integrity. Our technology and testing methodology continuously delivers actionable information that prioritizes flaws according to severity and provides detailed remediation information to help developers address them quickly.

Lens of Exploitation Penetration Test "Black Box"

  • Understanding the current trends and exploitation vectors leveraged by hackers on a daily basis our Dynamic Application Code Testing (Black Box Testing) illuminates architectural weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the your production applications before the bad guys can find and exploit them. Leveraging our Lens of Exploitation approach we leverage the same tactics techniques and protocols cyber criminals leverage when assessing your security baseline. We understand the need for you to have secure development and production code environments. From SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting(XSS) to runtime issues that are not commonly identified in offline analysis we run Deep Inspection tests to evaluate authentication controls, server misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities that are visible during a live session from authenticated users.

Government Cyber Solutions

  • DoD Contractor Solutions Center- Whether you are preparing for an Accreditation or wanting to achieve a peace of mind by ensuring your DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations) compliance is maintained, we are here for you.
  • Government Compliance Solutions- Are you doing business with the government and need strategic guidance on your products or companies Cyber Security Framework? We have over 12 years experience developing Certification and Accreditation Packages for government clients.
  • FEDRAMP-FISMA-FIPS Oh My! These three acronyms can carry a daunting shadow if you are not sure how to navigate these government regulations appropriately. We are responsible for some of the largest Program of Records (POR’s) currently in use by both Intelligence Agencies and Private Sector organizations hosting critical platforms . We handle it all, from Policy Development to Implementation. Just give us a call.

Ad Agencies/ Brands

Social Intelligence Marketing Support, Influencer Mapping/ Network mapping, Real-Time-Monitoring, Profiling, Data Analyses, Trends of Topics.

Human Resources

Background Investigations, Bespoke Personal Background, Integrity Checking Services.

Cyber Crisis Management

Malicious Network Attacks, Countering Threats such as Malware, Denial-of-Service Attacks, Data Destruction, Data Theft.

Legal Counsel

Law Enforcement Cyber Forensics, Employee Browsing, Third Party Investigation, Electronic Evidence Collection.

We know that you have questions.

And we will handle them discretely.