About Us

The story behind patriotic duty and mad man business.

A Cyber Intelligence and Digital Marketing partnership combined the best of both worlds to create “bits&digits”.  With efforts in counter and social intelligence, we dissect information into “bits” and provide accessible solutions “the digits” to our network of clients. Our claim “Scire nostrum reminisci” is the basis of who we are and what we do.

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J. Tate

J. Tate

Chief Intelligence Officer

Jasun Tate is co-founder of Bits and Digits which provides cyber crisis management and prevention.

Mr. Tate has experience in the United States Navy in the cyber and intel community. In tandem with years of experience working in a multitude of countries around the world in protecting and enhancing the United States cyber and counter terrorism positions and infrastructure.

bits&digits is a proud member of the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator group of companies and is positioned for growth in Richland county SC.  Bits and Digits represents the next realm of cyber security innovation where small, intelligent and nimble players, just like the hackers they defend against, develop solutions and form partnerships to provide next level insight and protection in new cyber world.  Jasun Tate’s skill set allows him to drive bits&digits into this realm with a focus on developing effective and targeted solutions for a variety of stakeholders in the cyber marketplace.

Before joining the public sector of his career he worked for 15 years with Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of State as a strategic consultant focusing especially on Threat Reduction and Cyber Operations.

Dolphi Untch

Dolphi Untch

Chief Marketing Intelligence Officer

Since 1994 Mr. Untch is deeply involved within cyber activities from a coding & communication perspective. Living in the USA, Kingdom of Bahrain, Romania and Germany he worked at Ogilvy, Jung von Matt and Saatchi&Saatchi. Furthermore he is an Associate Professor at a private institute of Marketing & Communications (IMK) in Wiesbaden for “Digital & Social Media” and is invited as a speaker on several events.

Beside Co-Founding bits&digits he holds the position of the Managing Director at noomilicious.com with a focus on tech solutions within the Advertising Industry for Brands from industries like FMCG/ Food & Baverage, Travel, Telco and Finance.