An Interpretation worth reading. Though riddled with humor and fumbled cliches the puns are closer to reality than we all think. The fact is while you may be the socially informed and security aware your colleagues may not be. It only takes ONE person to click the link and “Accept” the malicious code bomb to their computer to wreak irrevocable havoc on a network. Pass this along , spawn awareness where it doesn’t exist. Read On!

Dear (Insert Name),

Your Chase Bank Account needs upgrading and the Sky Fell

Here at Chrase we value our clients security and take extreme measures to ensure the integrity of each one of our customers accounts is maintained. The U.S Government also ensures that we maintain the highest levels of security in order protect the personal identities and information of our customers.

Due to a recent data breach here at “Chrase” we are required By LAW to reset your passwords and account settings to ensure further spread of this hacker intrusion does not systemically reach the entire populous.

We take data security seriously, you will need you to reply to this email with your First and Last name as you would like it to appear on your account and once that is done- we will have access to your real name (we already know your email address-maybe) then you will be guided through a mariad of webpages in the following link to provide more intelligence about yourself and your account.

Things we may ask for, which we are sure your bank has told you not to provide online are SSN, Password (for resseting of course), DOB and other PII that you should know better than sending.

We are emailing you today because our true intent is to collect as much information about you as humanly possible and to grab as much attention away from the mispellings in this email and dose you with an array of publically available information about your bank, place it in this email and have you Click This Link.

Sincerely Yours,
Chrase Bank (your most devious not friend you don’t know)

We all have seen the above email without the moderate undertones of humor and truth. At work you should not get these emails (if you do you should call your IT Security Department, at home just pay attention.

One of the largest banking phishing campaigns in history are in effect at the moment. My buddies (we all have low friends in high places) over at the FBI tell me that this has already effected more than 10% of the customers at 80% of the US Banks in circulation.

Stay Vigilant My Friends

Yours , (really this time)

The Most Interesting Person you will ever possibly never meet 🙂