The Scenario
Following a Request from a client based in China regarding a delicate and complex acquisition, two leading automotive technology companies (based in China and Europe) with extremely sensitive intellectual properties engaged bits&digits to get the job done. The companies needed an expert with unique intelligence collecting capabilities and experience navigating international regulatory statues, as the large volume of data for collection and processing left minimal margin for error.

The Solution
Given the delicate and confidential nature of the organizations, bits&digits initiated a custom solution for the client. The solution required a “delicate glove“ approach including data collection at multiple locations across the globe, along with remote collection capabilities, and involved various forms of media including historical company profiles, breach and intellectual property theft profiles, and unique to bits&digits capabilities we conducted a cyber risk profile of the company. The aforementioned cyber risk profile provided to be most valuable to our client. In todays world of cyber breaches the risk associated with a companies cyber security maturity is key. bits&digits international presence, ability to leverage global resources and technological prowess allowed for a smooth data collection process, ultimately minimizing cost and risk for. In total, bits&digits collected data normally unobtainable through various forensic and offline data stores.

The client was able to use customizable search solutions within our proprietary data collection technology, including OSINT technology, custom query of data types and keyword filtering to conduct an efficient review across multiple time zones and locations.

The acquisition was approved on time and within discovery budget thanks to the capabilities bits&digits delivered by

  • Robust processing capabilities and leverage of local resources in all corners of the U.S. and Europe
  • Customized search solutions that allowed for a seamless, efficient reviews
  • Comprehensive, flexible solutions that met each client’s collection, processing, review and production needs
  • Unparalleled knowledge and experience with OSINT requests